What is a giclée?

Giclée (French: related to "squirt" and "spray") has become the generic term for high quality digital prints found within the fine art market. Over the past decade, giclées have not only gained acceptance from collectors and museums for their archival qualities, but have also found favor among artists and publishers because of the accurate reproduction qualities, the print-on-demand capability and because image sizes can be adjusted without a loss of quality.

My giclée prints are reproduced from my original oil paintings. They were printed with a computer on a Roland or Epson wide format high resolution inkjet printer, using 100% rag paper and pigmented inks—ensuring image stability and vibrant color well into the next century. The testing company Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. projects that the giclée prints will not experience any degradation of their archival qualities for at least 150 years when properly framed and displayed. This degree of permanence is well in excess of the archival characteristics of many original artworks executed in pastel, watercolor, most ink prints and virtually all current photographic processes.

During the print proofing stage, an artist working at a computer monitor can correct problems and make a wide range of creative changes prior to printing. This ability for hands-on manipulation by the artist exposes the true potential of the giclée process as a unique art medium. Artists can work with the digital technology as though it was a new box of tools — allowing for the possibility of creative originality rather than mere reproduction. To that end, while proofing my giclée prints, my goal is not simply to duplicate the original art work, but rather to create a new original expression — with qualities of color, texture, size, materials and other subtleties that are different from, yet respectful of the parent artwork. As such, I do not consider my giclée prints to be reproductions, but rather multiple originals descended from earlier paintings.

My giclées are limited to editions of as few as ten, and never more than fifty. The image widths range from ten to fifty inches. Each image is available as a sheet only, or double matted ready for framing, or framed and ready to hang. Shipping can be arranged.
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