Combining their individual talents
Robert Rex of Deerfield Ranch Winery and local artist Fred R. Parker
have created a unique pairing of arts.

Sonoma Mountain, 50 limited edition giclée prints
depicting the view that inspired the
Deerfield Ranch Winery logo
2002 Sonoma Valley, Syrah, 50 limited cases
featuring our first artist series signed label

Sonoma Mountain
Fred R. Parker
The original image source for this giclée was an oil painting on canvas commissioned by the Deerfield Ranch Winery in 2004 for their new winery in Kenwood, California. The image depicts the view of Sonoma Mountain long associated with the winery’s logo.

The giclée has been produced in a limited edition of fifty signed and numbered prints. The image measures 12 x 33 inches on a sheet 15 x 36 inches. The suggested frame size is 19 x 40 inches.

The sheet price is $650 for each giclée. Matting, framing and shipping by the artist is available if desired. Edition numbers will be issued on a first come, first served basis until the supply is exhausted.

This limited edition giclée print was produced by the artist on an Epson Stylus Pro 7600 high resolution inkjet printer. Printed on 100% rag Sumerset Velvet fine art paper with a six color pigment ink set, the results have been laboratory tested to last over 150 years without noticeable fading providing the prints are archivally framed and stored out of direct sunlight.

Giclée (French: related to “squirt” and “spray”) has become the generic term for high quality digital prints found within the fine art market. Over the past decade, giclées have gained acceptance from collectors and museums for their archival qualities, while artists and publishers have come to appreciate the reproduction qualities, the easy adjustability of image size and the print-on-demand capability.
The artist says, “During the print proofing stage, working at a computer monitor, I can make a wide range of creative changes prior to printing. This capacity for hands-on manipulation exposes the true potential of the giclée process as a unique art medium of creative originality rather than mere reproduction. While working with the computer, my goal is not simply to duplicate the original art work, but rather to create a new original expression — with qualities of color, texture, size, materials and other subtleties that are different from, yet respectful of the parent art work. As such, Sonoma Mountain the giclée, is not simply a reproduction, but a unique multiple original.”

For additional information regarding the artwork contact the artist at:
Parker Fine Art
8467 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, California 95452
(707) 833-2602

Deerfield Ranch Winery

2002 Sonoma Valley Syrah

50 limited cases featuring our first signed artist series label

For additional information regarding the wine visit:

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